The videos that can be seen below have taken inspiration from the translations of the ancient tablets made from clay of Sumer, thought to have been the first human civilization by many.

The whole mini-series of cartoons, which have been very well made, tell the story of Anunnaki, or the ones who fell from the sky, which are stories that were told and translated from the Sumerian tablets.


They tell the story of the people who came from the sky known as Anunnaki.

It was said that they sought the gold on earth to try to solve the imbalance that was in the atmosphere of their home planet.

They then went on to create what became the human species as they mixed their genes with a native breed so that they had workers that were able to go into the gold mines to get the gold.

However, it was said that when Nibiru approached, a flood was caused and the flood almost wiped out humanity.

There was then another serious danger, and this was the power struggle among the Anunnaki race that ended in the outbreak of a nuclear war.


The ancient stone tablet that the cartoons have been based around is in the Sumerian language, and they list the kings of Sumer, which was ancient southern Iraq, and the lengths of time that they were said to have reigned.

The tablets had been found by archaeologists that were said to be ancient Babylon, Assyria, and Susa.

The text went on to talk about a period in history that some had found fascinating when beings that were referred to as gods ruled humankind many tens of thousands of years ago.

Each of the Kings was said to have died in the great flood that almost devastated the population of the world.

Following the flood, the text says that another kingship came down from heaven and that the beings took control of the people on Earth again.

All of the videos come with English subtitles, and you can find some of them below, with there being 28 episodes in total.



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