Terrifying images have emerged of a creature which is being referred to as a ‘ mutant goat ’ which has caused quite the stir in the village in India where it appeared as it is said to have quite distinctively human-like features.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by a local woman named Samiraa Aissa who said that the strange animal had completely terrified the people in the small Indian village because it appeared to have human features.

It didn’t take very long for the Facebook video to go viral and to attract the attention of the mainstream media.

At this current time, the video has been viewed more than 37,000 times on the social networking platform.

The astonishing images of the supposedly ‘mutant goat’ have come on the heels of a series of inexplicable events in rural India which seems to be undergoing a particularly active phase of paranormal activity.

However, these recent strange events are not only confined to the South East Asian country.

Last month, a stillborn goat caused terror throughout San Luis province in Argentina.

Similarly, to the Indian goat, the Argentinian animal had a supposedly ‘demonic face’ with protruding eyes and a flat face.

The images of the bizarre and purportedly demonic goats have caused a degree of alarm among various people.

Some are concerned that the mutated animals have been affected by a ramping up in pollution and environmental difficulties in India.

Others are more concerned about what the goats could possibly represent.

In Christian symbolism, goats have long been associated with the devil himself who was often depicted as appearing in the guise of the typical farmyard animal.

However, not everyone has been dismayed by the news of the unusual looking goat.

The owners of the creature say that they are actually glad that it has been born on their property as it has brought many visitors to their door and a certain degree of fame across the entire world.

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