Footage filmed in 1992 of what seems to be a real alien being has been found on the dark web by a man who has chosen to remain anonymous.

The anonymous user said he discovered the video on the dark web.

The footage, which has been described as ‘hyper-realistic’ has caused some viewers to ‘freak out’ according to comments on the video.

The anonymous user, who claimed he found the footage in a file on a server on the dark web, said the file contained a video with no other references than “EBE 1992, Eiger”. (Eiger is a very cold place located in Switzerland.)

Even though the footage was taken from what seems to be still photographs, the images are so real many viewers have described it as “the most disturbing footage of a real alien” they’ve ever seen.

In the clip, it seems the photographs portray what looks like a discovery of an alien lifeform in a cold environment….  Eiger, Switzerland.

The anonymous user who discovered the clip said:

“It appears that somebody made this video under time pressure and in clandestine circumstances. Could this be a major discovery that wasn’t made public?”

The quality of the images seems to be quite low which does not leave much room for photoshopping.

Check this out:

Last year, popular internet forum, 4Chan, was shut down temporarily after a VERY realistic’ photo of a reptilian alien was posted by one of its users.

4Chan is known for its pranks but according to users, the recent mysterious activity on the site is anything other than a joke.

Hundreds of users of the popular internet forum have claimed to have witnessed the posting of an alien looking directly into a camera in the Arizona Desert.

They claim that shortly after the posting, the site was unexpectedly taken temporarily offline and when it was restored, all traces of the image had been removed.

After a period of time, users were able to access the site again. To their surprise, they found that the photograph and everything relating to the image of the alien had been removed.

This turn of events sparked outrage among the community who began insistently posting information relating to the alien image.

Multiple users have come forward to attest to the fact that they saw the image and their descriptions bear striking similarities. Each of the users has described the yellow scaled appearance of the black eyed alien. They have also claimed that the image was a very high-quality photograph that did not appear to have been photoshopped. Others said that they had believed that the picture was a fake when they came across it on the original message board but that they were not so sure given the extreme efforts of someone to remove all evidence of it from the message board.

Despite the fact that many people are claiming to have seen the image, it does not appear as though any of them downloaded the photograph before it was taken down. Only one image of the picture is currently in circulation which is said to be highly corrupted.

Reports from people who did see the image included naussia, severe psychological effects and even vommiting. The image also pointed to a military base in Arizona. Making this story all the stranger. So what happened the last 48 hours? A lot of sketches and fakes followed the initial reports. Currently there is one left as the likely authentic candidate.

Is the picture in this video indeed one of the first confirmed pictures of an alien entity? Enjoy this pretty complete recap of the previous days.

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