Historians are under the impression that Queen Elizabeth could be a descendant of the founder of Islam. They came to the realization after they traced the family tree of the Queen back through 43 generations.

Is Queen Elizabeth Related To Founder of Islam?

Queen Could Be Ancestor of Prophet Muhammad

If what the historians say is true it would make the British monarchy an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad. The findings of the historians were published first by Burke`s Peerage in 1986, a British authority on the pedigrees of royals. However, this is a claim that has resurfaced more recently following a newspaper in Morocco saying that they had traced the lineage of Queen Elizabeth back to the Prophet Muhammad.

The historians believe that the bloodline of Queen Elizabeth II runs through that of the Earl of Cambridge during the 14th century and medieval Muslim Spain, and onto the daughter of the Prophet, Fatima. Some historians have disputed the claim but it is said to have also been verified by the former grand mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa and the genealogical records of Spain during early medieval times support the claim.

Burke`s Peerage First Suggested Link in Bloodlines

The Burke`s Peerage study first suggested officially the connection to Prophet Muhammad and Queen Elizabeth. The publishing director of Burke`s first wrote to Margaret Thatcher, who was the Prime Minister in the United Kingdom at that time. In the letter, it was said that the direct descent of the Royal family from the prophet Mohammed should not be relied upon to give protection to the family from Muslim terrorists. He called for more protection for the Royal family.

He went on to say that the link would be a big surprise to many people and added that it is not well-known to the people of Britain that Mohammed’s blood flows through Queen Elizabeth’s veins. On the other hand, the Muslim religious leaders happen to be extremely proud of that fact.

Queen Might Be Descendant of Muslim Princess Who Ran Away From Home

It was the study by the Burke`s Peerage that first brought to light the connection between the Queen and Prophet Muhammad. They said that the Queen is a descendant of Zaida, a Muslim princess. The princess ran away from her hometown of Seville during the 11th century and then converted to Christianity. Princess Zaida was the 4th wife of King Al-Mu`tamid ibn Abbad of Seville. The princess gave him a son by the name of Sancho and a descendant went on to marry the Earl of Cambridge during the 11th century.

Spectator, the British magazine, pointed out that the origins of Zaida are debatable. There are many historians who are of the belief that she came from a wine-drinking caliph who descended from the Prophet Muhammad. However, there are other historians who have said that she married into the family.

Reactions Have Been Mixed to Queen Being Blood Related to the Prophet

The reactions about Queen Elizabeth being related by blood to the Prophet have been mixed. In a news piece about the revelation, Abdelhamid Al-Ousboue welcomed the news and said that it builds the bridge between the kingdoms and two religions. On the web forum of the Arab Atheist Network, said that “Queen Elizabeth must claim her right to rule Muslims.”

A user of Reddit said that the claims were nothing but propaganda that was being used by the British monarchy to try to appease the Muslim subjects who were growing in numbers. Buckingham Palace was asked for a comment but up to now has not responded.

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