Past civilizations of many continents speak about the time before the moon arrived and thus provided for tides, seasons and optimal conditions for life.

Nevertheless, there is an enormous amount of information about the moon and the Apollo landings that are held back from the masses. For example, the Moon Express Mining operation.

So if this was found here, and all the same material in the solar system created all the planets, then why not on the moon?

Also I’d like to see proof NASA said they found “brass” on the moon. Because I’ve never heard that before.

To answer why the south pole of the moon. Well if this guy in the video had done his research, obviously he didn’t or he wouldn’t have been so dumb to wonder why, NASA already impacted TWO satellites there.

Water! Duh. You can’t make fuel to bring the stuff home on the moon unless you got water. Which is what Lcross found in the permanent darkness of the southern pole craters.

But hey, if you’d rather believe that guy, who’s absolutely done as little research as possible to make his story seem firm. Then by all means.

Have at it. I would suspect, there would be natural nuclear furnaces on any world the size of the moon or bigger. Where enough material could be, and the pressure to kick it off.


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