NASA has confirmed that the are planning for 15 days of darkness in November.

From 15 November through 30 November a strange event will occur that they claim will darken the sun but increase the Earth’s Temperature by 6-8*** degrees.

In a 1000+ page document written by Charles Bolden (Former NASA CEO)  apparently Jupiter will align with Venus and Venus will heat up Jupiter causing it to eject huge amounts of Hydrogen???

When this Hydrogen hit’s the sun it will turn blue, darken, and then heat up Planet Earth.

Anyone believing this NASA Lie has an IQ lower than Room Temperature. When Venus aligns with Jupiter is will be between Jupiter and the sun – causing I to b totally eclipsed – dark – shaded.

What is really happening is this:

NASA has been firing huge numbers of Huge “Thermo” “Firecrackers” at Jupiter to ignite it – Lucifer Hates Humans.

Barring that they have launched a very powerful “Fire Cracker” into Jupiter’s Upper Atmosphere to cause this ejection of Hydrogen just in time to destroy the winter harvest of so many crop.

Father in Heaven – We ask that you  bind all of the evil forces on Heaven and on Earth so that Lucifer’s plans all fail wherever he turns from this day forward in the name of Yeshua.

Further – We bind all of Lucifer’s Forces that are holding back the finances of your children here on Earth in the name of Yeshua.

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