New Taylor Swift video shows Illuminati and mind control at work. Everyone nowadays wants to be famous, but only those that have free will are the ones that do not succeed.

The sad truth about today is that one needs to give up themselves up succumb to mind control if they want to garner a fan base.

This is more than just selling out though as these people work for the infamous Illuminati.


Taylor Swift, America’s favorite pop idol released a music video which includes many subliminal messages as well as imagery such as covering one eye to pledge allegiance to the Illuminati.

Although people might find this to be a coincidence, they don’t realize that this is common in many videos by famous singers.

There are just too many pieces of evidence that allude to Celebrities working for the Illuminati.


After all, these aren’t the only celebrities working for cults as many actors belong to Scientology and have no way of getting out of it.

Pop Idols are a favorite amongst mind control because they easily influence the target demographic, young males and females that are desperate to be like their favorite singers.

Taylor Swift is a good target considering that she garners billions of views on Youtube with two of her videos being in the top five most viewed videos of all time.


Of the billions who have viewed her music video, it is sad to say that around less than one percent are fully conscious of the subliminal conditioning that the Illuminati are trying to do to control even more people.

Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift combines talent with tragedy as it shows what becomes of a celebrity when they grow in popularity as well as their allegiance to the occult.

She shows that in order to have what it takes to survive in the music industry, one must be willing to give up their free will and become a puppet to mind control, allowing the ones in control to alter people’s personalities and change their persona at will.


An example of this type of control at work is Britney Spears and her transition to fame, becoming a widespread sex symbol, followed by her sudden meltdown and collapse.

The goal of turning celebrities into puppets is to do the same to their audience in order to use them for malpractices such as sex trafficking. It is no coincidence that pop culture encourages females to be hypersexual as social media progresses to make people become mindless puppets.

Taylor Swift’s video depicts this in a scene where there is a room full of what seems to be sex robots, lined up in the hundreds.


There are so many details in Swift’s video that show the endgame goal of turning people into controllable puppets while shrouding them in a cloud full of lies, making them feel rich and famous when in reality, they don’t even own their consciousness.

It is no wonder why celebrities end up having meltdowns despite being “rich and famous.”

Fortunately, being aware of the imagery and the concept of mind control is enough to allow people to resist the mind controlling techniques the Illuminati use, so it is strongly encouraged that people spread the positive message and not the facade regular media report on claiming that this perfect example of mind control is a masterpiece.


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