While it is not unheard of for a flight to be diverted due to an emergency, a JetBlue flight heading to New York had to be diverted on Sunday and was forced to land in Las Vegas due to a very unusual reason.

The flight was diverted due to passengers getting bitten by another passenger.

Witnesses on the flight, which took off from Los Angeles, described how one man started to bite the people sitting at the side of him, who he knew, while they were flying over Utah and then he went on to start biting other people on the plane.

Passengers Help To Subdue Man While Attendants Fastened Restraints
There was a doctor on the flight but when he tried to step in and take a look at the man who was biting others he began to lash out and then started to attack the doctors too.

At this point, the pilot was forced to make the decision to turn around and he landed the plan in Nevada.

One of the passengers on the flight helped others to subdue the man and get him under control and this allowed flight attendants to fasten restraints on him while officials could board the plane.


A passenger, who gave his name only as Tom, said that he managed to grab hold of the hands of the man and put them behind his back and hold onto him while the attendant was able to put the man in restraints.

He said that at that point the man who had been biting other passengers began yelling and tried to get to the flight attendant behind Tom. The man said that he had a hard time keeping the biter in place.

The passenger who had gone round biting others was escorted from the flight when it finally made an emergency landing in Nevada and it was then allowed to continue on to JFK airport without any further delays.

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